Welcome to Back to Bethlehem, a dramatic re-creation of the city of Bethlehem on the miraculous night our Savior was born. Imagine traveling back over 2000 years to the ancient city of Bethlehem. As you enter the city, mingle with the townspeople and the street vendors as you register for the census. Stroll through the marketplace and watch the craftspeople form pottery, weave baskets, grind grains, and create works of metal. Stop by the apothecary for some perfume, sample the delicious baked goods, examine the beautiful fabrics, and enjoy the musicians. After leaving the marketplace, linger in the courtyard of the storyteller’s home and listen to your favorite stories from the Old Testament. Visit with the residents of Bethlehem outside their homes as they cook, wash and go about their daily routine, and you may just learn a new game as you watch the children playing in the street. When you reach the inn you are told it is full, so you will have to find somewhere else to stay on this night. A sense of joy and anticipation permeates the town - something remarkable is happening, something that will change eternity. As you pause at the Roman Soldier encampment to warm your hands by the bonfire, you hear rumors that a wondrous event has taken place in the stable behind the inn. You discover the miracle as you reach the stable, for there, surrounded by animals, angels, wisemen, Mary and Joseph, is Immanuel - God With Us.

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